A family run jewelry brand with big dreams for the future. We dream of a world where expression is bold and beautiful, love knows no limits, and our compassion for the planet is matched only by our care for one another. We dream of a world that shines bright.

As twins sisters,our tales have been linked since birth. As any twin will likely tell you, it is a bond unlike anything else you will find in life. Oftentimes beautiful, other times challenging, and always full of questions. What does it mean to be an individual? To have your own style and flair when you have only known your story through two sets of eyes?

We all have a memory that sticks out as oddly important in our past. A moment when we began to discover our personal identities. For us it was an innocent moment we both remember fondly. It was us together, looking through our mother’s jewelry box, laughing, styling, experimenting. We both had very different ideas of ‘fashion’, but it didn’t matter! We were exploring our individuality in a space that was safe, inclusive, and compassionate.

As we grew up, we quickly became frustrated with the jewelry available to us. Jewelry has always been a focal point in our family. A representation of love and shared experiences. A signifier of culture and heritage. It seemed there was so little value around us. Pieces were designed only to float and sink on the waves of fast fashion.

This longing for jewelry as a signifier of love and intimacy only grew stronger as we grew apart as sisters. As we lived in different countries and were limited to only seeing each other once a year, we longed for that shared connection through jewelry we felt as children. 

We decided, if we couldn’t find jewelry that expressed our shared history and love for each other, we would have to make it ourselves.

And so, Sister’s Shine was born. A company built on the belief that jewelry is precious and should be worn with passion. Designs made to express individuality but also the unbreakable bond that binds each of us to our loved ones. Jewelry by us, for us.

Our collection is designed to put meaning and passion back into our jewelry. To make pieces you can’t wait to flaunt from a family-run company you can be proud to support.

This is our story so far; the next chapter is written by you.

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