Welcome to Sister’s Shine, a sister-run brand putting meaning and passion back into our jewelry. We offer a family community built upon ethical beliefs and striving for a sustainable future.

It is our humble belief that jewelry can be a force for good in this life. That’s why we founded Sister’s Shine, our own bold attempt to bring beauty and light into the world. Jewelry that is trendy and timeless. Quality that is flawless and attainable. Business that is ethical and inclusive. We can build towards a better world, together.

Our Shine Starts With You!

Our Story

“As twin sisters we started life sharing every aspect of our story and style. It was a mutual journey of discovery, expression, and love.

As we grew up, we were disheartened to find the fashion industry did not share our values. Jewelry should be beautiful in every sense, not only in how it looks, but how it makes us feel, and how it impacts the world around us.

So, we decided to create a brand that would capture the essence of those early days. A brand known for high-quality jewelry that lasts a lifetime. Designed to make the world a better place, based on inclusivity, sustainability, and compassion.

Thanks to you, we are living our dream, and now it is our mission to do the same for you.”

- Sanaa & Samia, Co-Founders

Our Style

We take our inspiration from you. Our style is not built upon what the industry tells us we should desire; it is founded upon what we actually want. Our pieces are bold and stylish, complimentary to a busy work life and busier social scene. Accessories that are seamlessly pairable, stackable, personalized, and stylized.

Just as the humble caterpillar is reborn as a beautiful butterfly, our logo is a symbol of our commitment to you: to enable your inner beauty to shine through. Fearless and bold - we are here every step of the way.

Our Shine

Every one of our pieces is designed to be something you can be proud of. Pieces that allow you to live your best life, whatever form that may take.

 To achieve that, we need to build a world we can be proud of. That’s why we use only recycled materials and donate a portion of all profits to the planting of new trees. As advocates of mental health, it is also our honor to support mental health charities all over the world.

Bringing light into the world is at the core of everything we do, and together we can shine brighter than ever.

Our Promise to you


Jewelry designed for the bold and fashion conscious. Those unafraid to express individuality and personality all day, every day.

We create looks for modern living by using premium materials guaranteed to last (recycled gold plating 20x thicker than industry standards). Priced not to maximize profit, but to make quality accessible to all.


Our dream of creating the best jewelry goes hand in hand with our dream of building a brighter future.

That’s why our entire business shines bright with ecological consciousness. When you buy from us you buy safe in the knowledge that your decision has had a positive impact on our planet.


We aim to capture the essence of two sisters sharing their first pieces of jewelry together, full of love and respect, totally free of discrimination and fear of judgement.

We invite you to join us as we continue to write this tale. It is a tale of warmth, empowerment, and compassion.

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